The software suite to modernize COBOL Micro Focus® environments and Oracle®

Today, the digital transformation addresses the modernization of your IT assets.

LTS offers you high added value solutions to accelerate transformation, improve quality and reduce costs of your IS.


Make your system reliable

Analyze, understand, optimize

Understanding treatment

With DiagnosticAid, simplify analysis by automatically generating performance reports of your Micro Focus® Cobol applications, regardless of the target environment (Development, Test, Production ...)

Dynamic complexity analysis

DiagnosticAid generates a full report on the actual execution of the analyzed program including the execution time of the Cobol modules, the call tree of modules, in database queries (Oracle®) and their status (back, data, runtime ).

Optimizing maintenance costs

DiagnosticAid simplifies the development of applications which significantly reduces the burden of maintenance and development. It was found a 15% gains on the development burden for our customers using the LTS and better reactivity on the processing of production incidents.

Optimize the performance of your IT

> Track and analyze your applications

Identification of production problems

  • DiagnosticAid is a non-intrusive tool that enables you to identify and analyze problems on running applications in production.
  • DiagnosticAid generates analytical reports following the implementation of programs.
  • It allows to analyze and troubleshoot program implementation or performance problems that penalize production.

Problem resolution

  • Analysts can troubleshoot production up to 10x  faster  with the reports put together by DiagnosticAid .
  • The establishment of DiagnosticAid  systematically on production applications helps anticipate and prevent performance problems.
  • DiagnosticAid allows the implementation of KPI on the operation of the production in order to ease steering of IS.

Improve service quality

> Manage Batch / TP concurrency

Quietly manage the execution of your batchs in production

When your batchs take too much time and risk penalizing the performance of your farm and affect your users, CheckPointManager permits a step by step execution of them.

  • CheckPointManager saves the context when it is stopped.
  • CheckPointManager reloads the context and restarts the batchs from the point where they were stopped.
  • A customer using CheckPointManager gets a gain of 2 hours on the daily critical production plan and guaranteed access 24/7.

Gain in Agility

> Ensure your software quality

Securing deployments

  • Archive the DDL in your source repository.
  • With DDLVersioning, from the repository, automated deployments on different environments.
  • Automatic and systematic execution of tests with MacroSuite on HMI 5250 / 3270 / web.
  • Generating compliance report before production deployment.
  • Major reduction in the time to set up new versions in production, divided by 5 to our customers.

Value your data

> Quickly export your data to your BIG DATA

Manage the export of your production data

  • Select and prepare your production data to make it available in your BIG DATA then, FastUnload will extract them.
  • Once you defined your queries, FastUnload can be run manually or scheduled basis, to power your BIG DATA
  • FastUnload extract very large data volumes in record time.
  • FastUnload is very flexible and allows you to extract the data in the most suitable format.
  • FastUnload saves you valuable time in your Master Data Management activities.

Legacy Tool Suite - Boost your mainframe!

With LTS, restore its former glory to your mainframe

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Our customers using the LTS on to their Micro Focus® COBOL environments and Oracle® show substantial productivity gains.










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